Boxed, Crated or Secured to a Pallet

How you package your shipment can save you money!

Unlike small parcel shipping via USPS, Fed EX, UPS and DHL shipping, truck freight yields a much higher likelihood of damage.  The common misconception is that packaging is not required, or minimally required.  The best option is to have your item packaged in a wooden crate with a pallet used for a foundation. This provides the maximum protection you could ask for. The internet offers a wide range of crating and packaging services available to the general public. Think of these services as an insurance policy. If you spend $500 or more on an item... is it worth $100 or so in packaging costs to make sure it arrives undamaged?  The freight company can and may refuse to pickup up your shipment if the packaging is not up to their standards.  They do this to avoid freight claims and the potential of damaging your shipment or someone elses.  Each transportation company may have its' own packaging guidelines in place to prevent damage whenever possible. 

The main reason for shipment damage is IMPROPER PACKING!