Transportation You Can Count On!

How your shipment is transported is important!

Rarely do transportation companies pickup at your door and go directly to the destination address.   Instead, your shipment will go to a local warehouse or transfer facility where it will be unloaded from the pickup trailer, and sorted based on its final destination.  Once sorted it is loaded onto another trailer along with other shipments heading the same direction. 

More often than not you will realize a big savings when dealing with a freight broker instead of contracting directly with a transportation company.  Freight Brokers can instantly shop the marketplace and obtain the lowest rates for you.  However, in doing so, you want to make sure that the broker is maintaining a trustworthy relationship with the trucking company that is being used. has been utilizing and building relationships with the most highly respected transportation companies.  With over a 25 years of utilizing these companies we know our shipments are handled with respect. 

Ground Freight
Any shipment (s), TL or LTL that do not require high speed or overnight delivery times, you are best to ship by ground freight. Ground freight provides services that average 3 to 10 days depending on the pick up and delivery locations.

LTL Freight
Less Than Truckload freight is the most common freight shipped via ground, air, or ocean.  LTL shipments typically weigh between 100 and 10,000 lbs.  Less than truckload carriers collect freight from various shippers and consolidate that freight onto enclosed trailers for the linehaul to the delivering terminal or to a hub terminal.  This is where the freight will be further sorted and consolidated for delivery.  In most cases, drivers make deliveries first, then begin making pickups once the trailer has been emptied. That is why most pickups are made in the afternoon and most deliveries are performed in the morning.

TL Freight
Full truckload carriers normally deliver a semi trailer to a shipper who will fill the trailer with freight for one destination. After the trailer is loaded, the driver will collect the required paperwork (i.e. Bill of lading, Invoice, and Customs paperwork (if applicable)) and depart with the trailer.  In most cases the driver then proceeds directly to the consignee (delivery) location and delivers the freight him or herself.  One advantage Full Truckload shipments have over Less than Truckload shipments is that the freight is never handled en route to the final destination, whereas an LTL shipment will typically be transported on several different trailers prior to arriving at the final destination.
Service Types also offers Expedited and Guaranteed shipments upon request.

Air Freight can also arrange Air Freight shipments upon request.
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Ocean Freight can also schedule Ocean Freight shipments upon request.
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